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Identity strategy. Be who you are.

Your organization's identity is not wallpaper. You can't afford for it to hang there, decorative but inert, until it starts peeling. It's not a lapel pin, either—calling out your target market without placing your uniqueness front and center.

What you need is a better metaphor.

Think of your identity as the vehicle that propels your business toward the clients and customers you deserve. Build it solid, to last. Build it roomy, to accommodate the growth that will make you the company you want to be tomorrow. And build it smart:

Leveraging consultation. We don't just talk to you. We put together a process that lets you see where you're going before you get there. You're not the only one holding a stake in your identity, and we'll seek out input without leaving your crucial decision points out of the shuffle.

Emphasizing metrics. Your brand is like any other deliverable and has to be held accountable to concrete targets. We don't wave our hands when it comes to your goals and values.

Getting there first. Don't settle for next-best. Be a leader. We're going to push further (but very, very gently). That what we mean when we call ourselves the new kids.

Once you're there, HNH! offers integrated solutions for top-to-bottom implementation of your branded communications. Including wallpaper, lapel pins and, yes, vehicles.